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Thanks from Intown Collaborative Ministries

Brad S.
Brad S.Intown Collaborative Ministries

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Logo needed for *Arts & Eats* Fundraiser Event

This is a fun project!

Intown Collaborative Ministries is hosting its inaugural “Arts & Eats for Intown” gala fundraiser. We are a small non-profit working to help homeless and hungry neighbors find sustainable income, housing, and food security.

The event is a formal affair, but not black-tie. The tickets are $100, so it’s on the fancy side. The event is on October 14 and the theme is Arts & Eats, for the auction items and theme of the party. We are having a troop of circus performers—fire breathers, jugglers, stilt walkers—so I am thinking the logo would balance that light-hearted feel with a more formal feel.

I would think the logo would be related to our current logo, though distinct. Our current logo is attached, along with our "house and sun" image"

I can send along Photoshop or Illustrator files to work with.

attached files:
cause: Homelessness
skill: Design

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