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We're Hiring!


Help us transform how companies engage their customers, communities, and employees. Be a part of something BIG.

Sparked is growing and looking for amazing, quirky, smart new team members! Read about our openings below and if you're a fit, please send your resume (with job title in the subject line) to All jobs are located in San Francisco!

"Social Media will be dwarfed by Social Business" - IBM
"Spending on social business software is expected to grow at a rate of 61 percent through 2016, a year in which the market for these products will reach $6.4 billion, compared with $600 million 2010." - Forrester Research
Yep, told you it was big. At Sparked, we're right in the heart of the social business revolution. We're helping companies like Kraft Foods, SAP, Teradata - and even the U.S. State Department change the way they do business. On a day to day basis, we're a team of driven individuals who recognize that the best work comes out of fine attention to craft and detail - along with a solid work/life balance. We share office space with Code for America on 9th & Howard... just around the corner from Heroku and down the street from Twitter. And while you wouldn't know it from the outside, we're located in an architectural paradise - timber ceilings, wooden floors, lots of light - and a great office community. As a nexus of cool happenings, the office is often graced with superstars... authors, big-data coders, internet icons, and startup legends. We've got the usual collection of perks like perrenially-cold keg of beer, ping-pong, bike-room, shower, and yada-yada, but although it's cliche, it's really the people that make this place special. At Sparked, you'll be surrounded by ultra-smart, compassionate and humble people who care about their work - and the planet. We'd love to get to know you.

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Senior Agile Project Manager

Yes, we are drunk on the Agile Kool-Aid and we're looking for a kindred spirit. You're someone who knows that Agile is 10x better than Waterfall because you've experienced the difference. You may have been a coder at some point, but you've been managing engineering teams and interfacing with clients for quite some time now. You're highly organized and have got a fine attention to detail. Your the kind of person who just got squirmy in your seat because of the bad grammar at the outset of this sentence. And now you're intrigued, because you know that a team that cares about Agile and grammar is the kind of place where you belong. If this sounds like you, read on.

We've got a top-secret marquee client for whom we're doing a ton of platform customization work. This client has got a lot of heft in the global economy - and if we do a great job together, we'll end up transforming a significant industry. Needless to say, it's both exciting and exacting work. Your role will be to manage the relationship and deliverables for this client. You'll have all of the resources of Sparked at your disposal to ensure that our world-wide deployment is a smashing success. In this role, you will:

This project is a big deal for us as a company and, like-wise, for our client. We need a superstar to make sure it gets done right and in style.

Excited? We'd love to hear from you. Send cover email to:

Lead Engineer

Do you know what it's like to experience millions of people using your code? It's a rush, right? If you've felt this rush before, lived to tell, and want to sign up for more, we want you. You've probably led or worked on a team that has architected a complex and fast-growing web product. You're deeply familiar with database optimization, caching strategies, queuing, and all (or most) aspects of building a horizontally scalable web product. Ideally, you've got some experience building multi-tenant SaaS systems. You'll have managed Agile engineering teams before, but still love to get your hands on the command line and in your IDE.

In this role, you'll lead the engineering team in the ongoing development of our platform. You'll architect new solutions, shore-up old ones, and will scribe many fine lines of code. We use the LAMP stack (Zend Framework) - so, ideally, you'll already be familiar with Zend, but we recognize that you've probably been smitten by several other stacks.

We also hope that you're a big thinker and an explorer. Your best ideas probably come from somewhere other than the coding universe. Maybe you're a hiker, gardener, or a voracious fiction reader. If this sounds like you - or close to you, drop us a line at We're looking forward to meeting you.

Engineer or Senior Engineer

You get lost in lines of code. Those screens in the Matrix with glyphs falling like raindrops are a total joke, right? And yet, you kindof want to be able to do that - to read and instantly understand a cascade of code. Well, that's just a movie, but you come pretty close to it in your own work. You love to get into the depths of a problem and to solve it with craft and style. You pay close attention to detail, but also keep a broader sense for business objectives in your head as you work. You understand the balance between delivering fast and delivering perfect... and you lean towards fast, because you understand that a startup is about learning more than perfection (but you don't lean too hard).

You enjoy occasionally pair-programming, because you learn a lot... and teach a lot. TDD just makes sense. Agile is your swimming pool... and you've either dived in deep (Senior Engineer) or have skimmed the surface (Engineer). You know PHP (and PHP frameworks, ideally Zend) - or you are eager to pick it up and confident that it'll be a breeze given your existing coding knowledge. You like to read. MySQL rocks your world (Engineer). You rock its world (Senior Engineer). You know you're hyper-smart, but humble enough not to mention it. Photos of cats giving high-fives will distract you from work everytime.

If this sounds like you - or close to you, drop us a line at We're looking forward to meeting you.

Part-time Lead Designer

Sparked was originally a microvolunteering company, where professionals would lend their skills online to help nonprofits around the world. It was a blend of Quora and oDesk, where volunteers would either answer questions or provide help on small projects. We have now transformed our platform so companies can use it to engage their customers on Facebook. Accordingly we are redefining our company as an enabler of Social Business where any organization can engage their supporters in a crowdsourcing community model.

We need someone to work on the following:

This is a part-time position, with 10-20 hours/week needed throughout October, up to mid-November, possibly longer.

If you are interested, please email Toby Childs at We simply need quick background about yourself and a link to your portfolio. We're looking to hire someone within a week.