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Thanks from Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

Courtney K.
Courtney K.Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

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HELP! Food For Life needs new logo

Help us design a new logo! Our logo worked okay for printing on the backs of T-Shirts, but we need something much more simple that tells the world who we are and what we do. (I've attached the old logo)

Here's some info about us and what we're doing:  Food For Life (FFL) is a food delivery program of the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation.  FFL delivers food to people who are home bound and living with HIV/AIDS.

 Here's some info about what the logo should look like:

I'd like to take a shot at incorporating the red AIDS ribbon in the design.  That's not a requirement, but if you can make it work it would make my day. :-)

Here are some other ideas to get you started:

Thanks so much!

attached file:
Food 4 Life Tshirt design Update.jpg
cause: Volunteering
skill: Design

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