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Thanks from Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee

Jessica M.
Jessica M.Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee

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Ideas of creating an organizational family

We are a high school association that represents 3 local lutheran high schools.  We do the fundraising and financial management for these three schools.  (A brief history: we started as one high school, split into a "North and South" type situation when we outgrew our space, and recently added a "West" high school.  They aren't actually called north, south, and west, but that is their location.)  

Here's the dilemma... people want to give to their alma mater (understandably) instead of the assocation, which benefits all three schools.  We have a great donor group from the older alumni (particularly those who went to the original high school) because they understand who we are and how the high schools came to be (and their school no longer exists), but those who graduated from one of the three current schools are strongly competitive with one another.  All three schools feel they get the short end of the stick and dislike the idea of their donation possibly going to another school.

So, here's the problem... how do we market ourselves in such a way that we appeal to alumni and parents from all three schools?  How can we pull the three schools together for their benefit and for ours?

Any ideas or suggestions would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance!

cause: Religion
skill: Brainstorming

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