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Thanks from Teen Parent Connection

Mary Beth K.
Mary Beth K.Teen Parent Connection
Make a Difference Day Poster

We need your help to design a new event poster! We'll be rolling these out for this event: Make a Difference Day in Naperville, IL and need someone to design them. Can you give us a hand or two? 

Here's some info about us and the events: 
What we do: Teen Parent Connection is a nonprofit Glen Ellyn that serves pregnant and parenting teenagers all around DuPage County. We enroll adolescents prenatally and offer programs until the child is five years old. Our mission is to educate young parents, teach parenting skills, and empower teen parents toward self sufficiency. Our Parents' Pantry is a place where, after participating in our programs, teen moms and dads can use their earned Baby bucks to shop for diapers, wipes, and formula -- necessities they may otherwise not have the funds to purchase. 

Event - A Make a Difference Day Food Drive hosted by the Naperville Chamber of Commerce, Whole Foods Naperville, and Giving DuPage. They involved multiple organizations, but we need a flier to promote the event for our agency's Parents' Pantry. Attached is the flier that they are distributing, but we'd like one to distribute incorporating the sponsor information (Giving DuPage, Whole Foods Naperville, and Naperville Chamber of Commerce) while listing out only what our needs are and the drop-off dates and times. In addition, we will use it as signage the day of the event to let us know we are TPC! 

Here's some info about what the poster should look like: 

Size: Scalable -- one that we can insert as a facebook link, and then a size that we can print as 11x13 
Font: Anything but Times New Roman
Portrait, please! 
They should include the following:

Logo: attached

Ø  Parents Pantry Items: Diapers, Baby Wipes, Baby Food, Formula, Personal Hygiene i.e.: Shampoo, soap, conditioner, deodorant, baby wash, diaper cream, & sunblock

Ø New car seats. 

Ø  New or Gently used Baby Clothes, shoes, coats, socks/booties, hats, blankets,crib sheets 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Attached is the 

Thanks a bunch!

attached files:
Teen Parent Connection Logo.JPG
cause: Youth
skill: Design

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