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What is best way to attract donations of used iPads & tablets?

Let's be honest. Tablets make life productive. And, with the pace of technological change these days, tablets are a volunteer's best friend.

We've recently realized that tablets are just the equipment update that our organization needs to super-charge our mission.


We are Discovered Money. We have a passion for unclaimed property. Throughout America (and other countries), money is lost and forgotten each and every day. When people change their address, some of their hard earned funds are at-risk of not making the same move. This means that utility deposits, payroll checks and other refunds never get cashed by the payee. By law, those funds are remitted to the county, state or federal government for safekeeping. The treasurers of these jurisdictions then attempt to locate the rightful owners of the money and return it to them. Usually, the treasurers do not have the resources to research and communicate with likely candidates. Therefore, the amount of money held in trust climbs higher and higher.


We advocate for the people. We believe the unclaimed property (cash, stocks and other property) held in state coffers should be returned to the rightful owners swiftly and easily. Our mission is to educate the general public about the entire unclaimed property process from beginning to end. Our goals include notifying individuals who did not know they are due these missing funds & assisting them with the sometimes complex claims process.

Our volunteer work is very data intensive and very visual. We consistently access gigabytes of data across software and web platforms. We scour databases for individuals, schools, other non-profits and businesses in an effort to return the money to the rightful owner. Our volunteers are also very mobile. We are constantly working away from the office and conducting these searches on the road. We visit with people in shopping malls, offices, nursing homes and schools. In order to be effective with our mission, we need wi-fi ready tablet computers so that we can show the public exactly what we found - the unclaimed property records (the proof!). 


We're looking for your creative input! How can we attract donations of used Android tablets and iPads? (We would accept any and all models - old and new.) Do you personally know of a company that donates tablets to charities?  Or, should we fundraise the dollars to buy new equipment? We'd love it if you could help us come up with a bunch of new ideas.


Here's our webite for more info: Discovered Money is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charity.  Visit Guidestar to learn more about us.


Here's some info about us and what we're doing: Five different outreach programs are explained here.


Comment here on Sparked or e-mail me at


Thank you so much for your ideas!

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